3rd jkidphilly Grandparents’ Celebration Committee

Special thanks to our Event Committee members:

Marcy Bacine
Shelley Menkowitz


Penni Blaskey
Ruth Duffine
Carol Einhorn
Sandi Greenwald
Sharon Greis
Connie Katz
Shelli Keeny
Eileen Kupersmith
Maribeth Lerner
Debbie Levin
Barbara London
Bonnie-Kay Marks
Shelley Menkowitz
Sandy Meyer
Judy Newman
Mary Relles
Betsy Richman
Elley Rosenberg
Maddy Rovinsky
Shelley Sanders
Carole Schaffzin
Marcia Schulman
Bonnie Shanis
Joy Wilf Keiser
Sherrie Willner

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