Boomer Engagement Network


“Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64.”

Thanks to Paul McCartney (who just turned 74!) for this classic “Baby Boomer” refrain! The Baby Boomers – born between 1946 and 1964 – have long been the focus of attention by the media and academia. Studies about their buying habits, parenting skills and political affiliations have filled books. Sociologists are now looking at another stage in the life of this generational phenomenon – how they are aging.

Boomers are now entering a new phase of life not only for themselves but for society – a potentially long period of years following partial or full retirement from their careers and full-time parenting in which they have time, uncommitted funds, and a desire for relevant and meaningful pursuits.

Jewish professionals have also observed that Boomers are disengaging from the Jewish community in record numbers. Communities across the country are looking at this large demographic cohort and exploring opportunities to continue, or even strengthen, their connection to Jewish life.

Through the Boomer Engagement Network (BEN), Jewish Learning Venture is working with synagogues and Jewish organizations to build a network for developing, implementing and evaluating Jewish experiences and resources that support Boomers engaging in Jewish life.

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Along with lay and professional leaders from our community, Jewish Learning Venture is asking the questions:

  • What kinds of services, programs and resources resonate with this age group?
  • What is currently being offered in our community?
  • What will collaboration look like within the network?

Alyse Unterberger, Director, Special Initiatives