Havayah: A Jewish Community Experience








Welcome to a brand new way to experience Jewish learning and community!

Havayah: A Jewish Community Experience is designed especially for 5th graders, giving participating students the opportunity to make new friends and experience Jewish learning in a whole new way. Read about Havayah in the Jewish Exponent!

Havayah will take place during 2 different “Havayah times.” 5th graders spend about 45 minutes of their regular program in project-based and experiential learning. 4 Sundays of the year, our 5th graders meet with the other Philadelphia congregations participating in the program for camp-like experiences, where they put their projects to work and participate in teams to help them meet kids from other local congregations.

Havayah Gatherings 10am-12pm:

  • Sep 25, 2016
  • Dec 4, 2016
  • Feb 26, 2017
  • May 7, 2017

    Buses will be provided for students. Please contact your congregation for more information.
    • Beth David Reform Congregation
    • Congregation Or Ami
    • Germantown Jewish Centre
    • Kol Emet
    • Main Line Reform Temple
    • Temple Adath Israel of the Main Line
    • Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El
    • Temple Judea
    This year’s Havayah theme is Sacred Space and Sacred Time. Students explore what sacredness means and how to create sacred moments in their own lives. They explore through Project-Based Learning, a methodology that puts the students in charge of their own learning.

    What makes Havayah a unique experience is the gatherings four times during the year that will bring 5th graders together from across greater Philadelphia to learn, explore, and connect with each other in a fun, engaging environment.
    In 2014, the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, Gratz College, and Jewish Learning Venture embarked on a process to dream about how to reinvigorate Jewish education for students in congregational programs. We wanted to learn from kids and families themselves about what they wanted out of their Jewish education. After holding two summits – one for youth and their parents and one for professionals – we learned that kids wanted to have more say over their own Jewish experiences, were looking for help in identifying their Judaism outside of their synagogue experiences, and wanted to build relationships with other Jewish kids from the area. From these important findings, Havayah was born to bring a new kind of learning experience to kids across Philadelphia – one that will put students in charge of their own learning, help them to see their Judaism beyond the walls of their synagogues, introduce Jewish kids from all over the community, and provide a fun, engaging experience.

    Havayah: a Jewish Community Experience is a program of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, Gratz College, and Jewish Learning Venture.


    Contact Lori Rubin, Havayah Director
    lrubin@jewishlearningventure.org | 215.320.0402