Areivim Legacy Society

Jewish Learning Venture Areivim Legacy Society members recognize that the American Jewish community is evolving and that, more than ever, people are defining their connections to Judaism on their own terms. They know that our staff innovates, facilitates, trains, educates, convenes, engages… and transforms Jewish life in institutions and families throughout the Greater Philadelphia region to reach people where and how they live Jewishly.

Areivim Legacy Society Members

Marcy and Dan Bacine Robin and Max Minkoff
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Broder Glenn and Rohna Paskow
Lowell H. Dubrow Michael* and Susan Paul
Carol* and Jules Einhorn Mary and Nathan Relles
Dr. Nathaniel A. Entin, z’’l, and Rabbi Cynthia Kravitz Hershel J. Richman*
Walter and Margie Ferst Amy and Mitch Russell
Joel S. Goldhammer Mary and Nathan Relles
Leon and Dr. Diane A. King Elana Rivel
Marilyn Z. Kutler Steven D. Schwartz
Jonathan and Sharon Levin David Smith
Joseph H. Levin, z”l, and Family Miriam and Arthur Spector
Michele and Robert Levin Rabbi Philip Warmflash
Shelley and Bruce Menkowitz Eric and Jill Weitz

 Anonymous (4)

*Areivim Committee Member

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Jewish Learning Venture is proud to partner with the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia in the Areivim Legacy Community Project. We are one of 14 agencies and synagogues in the Philadelphia area that are raising the Jewish community’s awareness about the importance of planned giving in securing our Jewish future.

Robin Minkoff, Director, Finance and Development / 215.320.0380