Grandparents’ Celebration Sponsors and Committee

Special thanks to our Sponsors and Event Committee members who made the jkidphilly Grandparents’ Celebration possible:

Marcy* and Dan Bacine Connie and Sam Katz Lesley and Norman Greenspan
Shelley* and Bruce Menkowitz Sharon* and Jonathan Levin Barbara and Harvey Kroiz
Sherrie Savett Sandy and Jim Meyer Eileen* and Steve Kupersmith
Madalyn* and Harvey Rovinsky Peshe and Peter Kuriloff
BUILD Shirley Saltzman Debbie Levin
Maribeth* and Steve Lerner Joyce and Harvey Simmens Barbara and Stephen London
Mary* and Nathan Relles Marcia and Peter Schulman Carole* and Larry Schaffzin
Susan and Elliott Weinstein Ellen and Bernard Walters Susan and Berel Sternthal
Susan and Paul Weiss Susan and Ken Weiss
CONNECT Bonnie and Leonard Winegrad Joy Wilf-Keiser and Bennett Keiser
Penni* and Mark Blaskey
Joy Bernstein and Jon Broder PJ LIBRARY PAY IT
Ruth* and Geoff Duffine FORWARD SUPPORTERS
Sharon* and Avishai Greis Diane Bacine Complete as of 9/17/14
Betsy* and Hershel Richman Joy Bernstein and Jon Broder * Committee Members
Sandy and Mike Rodin Linda and Steve Corsover
Margie and Steve Schultz Beth and Jimmie Edelman
Allyson and David Schwartz Carol* and Jules Einhorn
Sherrie Willner* Lena and Oleg Fishman
Laurette Willner Barbara and George Gordon


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