Giving Back

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By Jonathan M. Broder, President / 

I first learned about Jewish Learning Venture before it was Jewish Learning Venture. JOP (a predecessor of the agency) staff facilitated workshops for my congregation, Tiferes B’Nai Israel in Warrington, around issues of leadership and institutional engagement and brought the Reshet initiative to the BuxMont Kehillah, while ACAJE (also a predecessor agency) staff worked with us to strengthen congregational education. ...Read More

Giving Back: Areivim Legacy Society

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By Robin Minkoff, Director, Finance and Operations / My parents, of blessed memory, were educators who led and grew Jewish institutions and organizations, so it seemed almost natural that I might also choose the field of Jewish communal service for my career.  Their strong imprint on me is their legacy; still, I came to the field on my own terms.  ...Read More