Yom Limmud 2017 Workshop Materials

Session A:
Jewish Values and Holidays and Books: Oh My! (Ellen Walters)

Session B:
Engaging Students Through Dramatic Arts (Gabrielle KaplanMayer)
Afternoon Session 1:
Autism, ADHD and Anxiety: What Teachers Need to Know (Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer)

Session C:
A Recipe for Social Action (Carly Zimmerman)

Session D:
Where is Your Place in Our Story? / Jennifer Zunikoff, Gratz College’s Deena Grossmann Memorial Scholar
Afternoon Session 4:
The Jewish Storytelling Classroom (Jennifer Zunikoff, Gratz College’s Deena Grossmann Memorial Scholar)

Session E:
How can our classrooms be like the Magic School Bus? Cultivating curiosity and intrigue to engage students and more! (Rabbi Alanna Sklover)

Session F:
Marking Time: Creating Classroom Rituals for Transition and Presence (Rabbi Roni Handler)

Session G:
Classrooms for Today: Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century (Virginia Glatzer)
Afternoon Session 3: Education Director Series: Creating Better Conversations (Virginia Glatzer)

Session H:
Teaching An Israel Experience (Ben Rotenberg)