The JLV Shomrim Podcast

An exclusive podcast for the JLV Shomrim, Jewish Learning Venture’s most generous supporters. Each episode will feature a unique Jewish learning experience.

Episode 204

David A. Love talks about choosing to be part of the Jewish community,
and his experience of being a black man in the Jewish community:
the good, bad, and the ugly.

Episode 203

Kathy Hirsh-Pasek shares her expertise about education, science and
play and how we can (and should!) create Jewish experiences
that also develop important skills in our children.

Episode 202

Nati Passow talks about Shmita, the sabbatical year for our fields, as a blueprint for a sustainable society.

Episode 201

Dr. Galeet Dardashti talks about her musical inspirations
and her passion for Persian and Mizrahi music.

  • Dr. Galeet Dardashti’s Website
  • Dr. Galeet Dadashti is a founding member, and lead singer, of Divahn, an all-woman Mizrahi/Sephardi ensemble
  • Hear some of Dr. Dardashti’s music here
  • Learn more about her father, Hazzan Farid Dardashti, here
  • Music in the 2nd season of podcasts is Endora, by Galeet Dardashti, from the album The Naming (2010). Listen to the full song:

Episode 105

Rabbi Michael Levy talks about his unique journey to the rabbinate, his life during the pandemic,
and something that he thinks about as a modern miracle.

Episode 104

JLV’s Charlie Hersh discusses Rebecca Gratz and her incredible contributions to Jewish education (and to JLV!)

Episode 103

Rabbi Carla Fenves, student of family therapy, draws comparisons between trauma recovery and the Jewish practice of ritual and retelling.

Episode 102

Rabbi-Turned-Mortgage-Lender David Frankel talks to Anna and Gabby about Judaism, Ethics, and Business and how Jewish values inform his work.

Episode 101

Delve into the Jewish texts that are most meaningful to Anna and Gabby as they get personal about what their work means to them.