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Elana’s Venture

By Elana Rivel, Associate Director / The story of my Jewish venture begins when I was about 8 years old and I accompanied my mother to her religious school class. As a day school kid, I was able to help the 4th and 5th graders she taught with their Hebrew and prayer studies. I loved being helpful and, more importantly, loved teaching Hebrew and prayer. I knew then that my life path would take me somewhere in Jewish education. Throughout high school and college, I progressed along this path.

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A Jewish Learning Venture

By Rabbi Phil Warmflash, Executive Director / Tomorrow night is Rosh Hashana 5774. This is traditionally a time for reflection on the past and planning for the future, but this year, with Rosh Hashana coming on the heels of Labor Day and the “end of the summer,” the sense of change and possibility is heightened. This year, as I begin my twenty-first year in Philadelphia, I have been thinking a great deal about my Jewish ventures since arriving with my family from Los Angeles. 

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