Congregational Education Leadership

Jewish Learning Venture helps congregational educators meet and exceed the diverse needs of their families through a number of professional and organizational development services, including:

  • Ongoing professional learning opportunities such as workshops, onsite support, and consulting services
  • Disability Inclusion Training
  • The TAP program for teen aids
  • Systemic Change Consultation to re-imagine your model of education.

Jewish Education Professional Development from JLV:
We’re in this year together!

As the New Year approaches, Jewish congregational educators are facing enormous challenges in meeting the needs of their students in virtual and hybrid classrooms. Even the most experienced teachers are being called on to learn new skills and engage in a new mindset about what Jewish education can be.

We are here to provide support and resources through the school year and are offering our first-ever yearlong approach to professional development. Join us for any or all of these series–we look forward to learning with you!

*Cost associated with this session

Contact Lisa Litman, Director, Education and Engagement, for more information about how Jewish Learning Venture can support your congregational education programs.

Early Childhood Education Leadership

In order to make Judaism meaningful and relevant for themselves, families need early childhood centers that provide nurturing Jewish experiences in their children’s earliest years.

  • Networking opportunities to connect you to professional development resources in the Greater Jewish and early childhood communities
  • Coaching and consultation
  • Disability Inclusion Training
  • 2 Virtual Coffees per month led by Lisa Litman, Director of Education and Engagement
  • Ongoing Professional development webinars for educators
  • Google group for community building, questions and support

Please contact Lisa Litman Director, Education and Engagement for more information about how Jewish Learning Venture can help your early childhood center.

“Knowing that if I have a question, need a resource, recommendation, etc, I can ‘phone a friend’ and get a response. Living and working in Delaware County, JLV is what keeps us connected.

Jewish Learning Venture has been a big asset to us in working our way through the Star system. The result is the high-quality program that we are providing to our children and their families.