Congregational Education Leadership

Jewish Learning Venture helps congregational educators meet and exceed the diverse needs of their families through a number of professional and organizational development services, including:

  • Ongoing professional learning opportunities such as workshops, onsite support, and consulting services
  • Disability Inclusion Training
  • The TAP program for teen aids
  • Systemic Change Consultation to re-imagine their model of education.

A Year of Jewish Education Professional Development from JLV:

We are pleased to offer Congregational Education Directors and Teachers the opportunity to participate in an Education Innovation Lab: A multi-session, virtual Professional Development Cohort that integrates essential social, cultural, and educational best practices with Jewish values and practices.

Cohorts for Education Directors

Click here to apply for the Education Director Cohorts. If you would like more information or to apply for a cohort, please contact Julia Weekes at

Cohorts for Teachers

Click here to apply for the Teacher Cohorts. If you would like more information or to apply for a cohort, please contact Julia Weekes at

Other Professional Development Opportunities from Whole Community Inclusion

jkidACCESS: Welcoming & Engaging Families Raising Kids with Disabilities, Thursday Sept 8, 2:00pm ET

As the new year begins, it’s essential that families raising children with disabilities feel welcome and supported in all of your family engagement programs including Tot Shabbat, mitzvah days, High Holiday services and more. You’ll learn concrete ways to invite, and lead, successful conversations with parents and caregivers about their children’s needs, and where to turn for resources in meeting those needs. 

Inclusion & Accessibility Toolbox, Sunday Oct 2, 7:30pm ET

Learn how to make classrooms accessible and inclusive for your learners, using simple, inexpensive materials and processes that will benefit all students.

jkidACCESS: Creating & Adapting materials for children with disabilities, Thursday Dec 15, 2:00pm ET

Jewish Learning Venture’s website contains a variety of materials that support children, families, and educators. Join our content creation team to learn more about the benefits of social narratives, visual schedules, and multi-sensory learning. We’ll focus on our Hanukkah content to benefit the families in your community.

The Jewish values of Inclusion, Thursday Feb 16, 7:30pm ET

During Jewish Disability Awareness, Acceptance & Inclusion month (JDAIM), we turn our attention to the Jewish value of including and educating all of our children. Students with attention and regulation issues often need extra support in our classroom—and that support begins with educating ourselves. Join Dr. Alanna Raffel, OTD,OTR/L, for this evening of learning about ways to support students around attention and regulation.

Autism Accessibility for Teachers, Monday Apr 24, 7:30pm ET

Bring your questions about teaching students who are on the autism spectrum! A panel of professionals and people with autism will share educational tools that can benefit a variety of learners.

Professional Development for Education Leaders from jkid4all/jkidPRIDE

Thursday Nov 17, 7:30pm ET, For clergy, educators and synagogue professionals

Thursday Mar 2, 7:30pm ET, For Teachers

Description coming soon.

Early Childhood Education Leadership

In order to make Judaism meaningful and relevant for themselves, families need early childhood centers that provide nurturing Jewish experiences in their children’s earliest years.

  • Networking opportunities to connect you to professional development resources in the Greater Jewish and early childhood communities
  • Coaching and consultation
  • Disability Inclusion Training
  • 2 Virtual Coffees per month led by Lisa Litman, Director of Education and Engagement
  • Ongoing Professional development webinars for educators
  • Google group for community building, questions and support

Please contact Lisa Litman Director, Education and Engagement for more information about how Jewish Learning Venture can help your early childhood center.

“Knowing that if I have a question, need a resource, recommendation, etc, I can ‘phone a friend’ and get a response. Living and working in Delaware County, JLV is what keeps us connected.

Jewish Learning Venture has been a big asset to us in working our way through the Star system. The result is the high-quality program that we are providing to our children and their families.