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Learning from a Student

by Jacob Shubert, Adath Israel I have learned so much about life and myself throughout my journey as a TAP Teen. By working with kids with learning difficulties in a place I never thought I would return to, I grew a lot as a person. One of my students proved to have a lot more difficulty focusing on his work, and often disrupted class. However, about a month ago, I learned that while it doesn’t always seem like it, he has a very strong connection to Judaism. I work with the 3rd grade, so it pleasantly surprised me when he [...]

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Disability, Identity, and Language

by Alexandra Young, Temple Shalom in Broomall   One thing I learned from Wendy Elliott-Vandivier is that someone with a disability doesn’t define who they are as a person and doesn’t mean they are incapable of doing things people do. This can be from asking what happened to you to parking in a wheelchair accessible space when not needed. There is also nothing wrong with using the word disabled. There is something called person-first language and disability-first language. It depends person to person what they prefer. Just because they are in a wheelchair doesn’t mean they are incapable. And that [...]

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My TAP Experience

by Rosalia Gifford, Ohev Shalom of Richboro   I have really enjoyed participating in the TAP program.  Through my experience, I have gained new friends and learned new ways to work with children, both in the classroom and also at my karate dojo.  One technique that I have learned is how to appropriately redirect children to focus on the teacher or instructor.  For instance, saying something along the lines of ¨pay attention¨ or ¨focus¨ isn't helpful.  Insead, what you should say something along the lines of ¨right now it is important to listen to what is being said so you [...]

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