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Jewish Learning Venture believes that families raising young Jewish children across Greater Philadelphia must have access to educational opportunities of excellence, both in their Jewish and secular educational endeavors in the early years.

In order to ensure that families receive the best educational experience possible, we provide a selection of professional development opportunities for directors and teachers in early childhood centers, including the national program PJ Goes to School. Jewish Learning Venture is the only Jewish organization that provides accredited professional development to help schools earn their Keystone STARS.

why it matters

Jewish early childhood education centers must meet a number of important goals. First and foremost, they must provide educational excellence in order to prepare students for a lifetime of learning. Second, they must provide warm and inviting Jewish spaces where children build positive associations with their Jewish identities.

And third,Jewish early childhood centers must help families feel connected to and empowered by the Jewish community. In order to support our early childhood centers to meet and exceed these goals, Jewish Learning Venture offers:

  • Accredited professional development. The professional development workshops and conferences we offer are certified through the Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System (PQAS), which means that when schools participate in our programs, they earn credit toward their Keystone STARS.

  • PJ Goes to School. A companion program to PJ Library®, PJGtS offers a holistic approach to family engagement and Jewish education, triggering conversations about Jewish values in schools in the same way PJ Library inspires dialogue in the home.
  • Customized consultation. We work directly with directors of early childhood education centers to help them identify their areas of greatest need and customize our services to meet those needs onsite.

How You Can Help

Jewish early childhood educators need ongoing support to engage students and their families. You can help Jewish educators when you:


Jewish Learning Venture is here to ensure that your early childhood program best meets the needs of your students and their families.

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For Directors of Early Childhood Education

Check out our calendar with upcoming events, request a consultation with one of our staff members, or bring us to your congregation to provide professional development services for your teachers.

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For Teachers

Are you looking for professional development opportunities? Our annual Yom Limmud Conferences provide accredited workshops on a variety of topics to support your work in the classroom. Jewish Learning Venture also brings workshops straight to schools to support your entire faculty.

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For Leaders in Early Childhood Education

Jewish Learning Venture supports the development and strengthening of educational leadership.

Contact Ellen Glassman to learn more about how Jewish Learning Venture can support your early childhood programs.