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Temple Judea

by Jacob Berger Temple Judea My name is Jacob Berger, and I have worked at Temple Judea as a Madrachim for the past 5 years. I have had the priviledge to work with the same amazing teacher, Morah Lynn Zaffrin, for my entire career. Throughout my 5 years I have worked with many kids with special needs. In my experience these have been some of the most fun-loving, and genuine people I have ever had the pleasure to know. These kids just tell it like it is. They put it all out there. Their feelings, their needs. I have recognized [...]

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My Experiences As A TAP Teen

by Noah Katcher Ohev Shalom I am currently a high school freshman and I started working at my local Hebrew school, Ohev Shalom, as an aid this year. I help out my teacher, Morah Allison, with the third grade class. This is my first year as a TAP teen but I can see why people come back. TAP has helped and improved my skills to help children with disabilities. I now understand and can identify different disabilities and ways to assist children. Being a part of the TAP program makes me feel good because I know I am making a [...]

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Special Seders: Reflections from the Jewish Learning Venture Team

Each seder is special. At Jewish Learning Venture, our staff have some amazing, creative seder reflections to share.  At Rabbi Phil's seder, the search for chametz (leavened bread) is a Passover adventure: Director of Early Childhood Education Ellen Walters enjoys revisiting her childrens' Passover artwork. Lori Rubin, Chief Program Officer, shares one of her favorite songs to remember the order of the seder.

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