Strategies I’ve Learned Through TAP

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by Anna Danowitz, Temple Sholom in Broomall I have learned many helpful strategies from my sessions as a TAP teen. Some of the most influential approaches I use to help a child when needed include: games, visual aids, and fidgets. Usually these solutions work, but ...Read More

Being There For The Students I Work With

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by Blake Beratan, Tifereth Israel During the past year, I have been learning how to help kids with special needs through a program called TAP, Teen Assistant Program. I have been going to my synagogue every Sunday to help the kids at the Hebrew school. ...Read More

Working 1:1 In The Classroom

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by Julia Sobel, Beth Am Israel My name is Julia and I’m a TAP Teen for the year of 2018-2019. I have really enjoyed many aspects of this program. All of the training that we get in this program is very helpful such as learning ...Read More