By Ellen Walters, Director, Learning Initiatives in Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Directors’ Council, a group of directors in early childhood settings in the Greater Philadelphia area, meets periodically throughout the year. Meetings often are learning experiences with participants sharing goals, curriculum, holiday and camp ideas. This month’s meeting featured Carla Higgins, an expert in both education and human resources. Her topic was “Leadership Solutions: Building Relationships with Staff.” Twenty directors attended and processed ways to build effective relationships with their staff. Carla began the session with an ice breaker that served as a model for a staff meeting. She later encouraged directors to share issues that trouble them and taught effective listening skills and ways to diffuse confrontation. The participants found the afternoon effective and helpful.

This Thursday brings more opportunities for early childhood educators to learn together at our Bucks County Early Childhood Yom Limmud (Day of Learning). We will share some of those outcomes next week!