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He is helping me just as much, if not more…

Haylee Cohen , TAP Teen, Adath Israel Working at my synagogue with my special needs child has been a wonderful experience so far. I find that as I am helping him, he is helping me just as much, if not more! He always loves to tell great stories which brighten up my Sunday mornings, and he helps me to become more patient and enjoy the little things which make him so happy, that I wouldn't necessarily notice otherwise . He has a refreshingly positive view of the world, and his attitude motivates me to make every day a good one. In addition, [...]

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Giving Back: Areivim Legacy Society

By Robin Minkoff, Director, Finance and Operations / My parents, of blessed memory, were educators who led and grew Jewish institutions and organizations, so it seemed almost natural that I might also choose the field of Jewish communal service for my career.  Their strong imprint on me is their legacy; still, I came to the field on my own terms.