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Finding a home in the Jewish community

By Nicki Pollock, Executive Administrator What does it mean to “belong” to a Jewish community? Do you feel that you belong? Have you ever felt otherwise? The sense of belonging or to be a part of something is to most a basic human wish or desire that transcends the generations. I spent a good portion of my adolescence and early twenties trying to refute that; simply insisting that being viewed as an independent or an individual was of higher importance. At that time, I felt as many teens do, as if no one understood me or the person who I [...]

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Venture of the Month: Or Hadash

Our Venture of the month features a congregation that has gone through a systemic change process while working with Jewish Learning Venture. This month, we are featuring Or Hadash, who revised their school curriculum to better accommodate students and their families. Education Director Barbara Weisman discussed how this process both challenged and invigorated the Or Hadash community, and how the result of her work with Dr. Gloria Becker and Jewish Learning Venture has improved the student experience at the Hebrew school program. JLV: Please describe the change, innovation, or transformation your organization has achieved: OH: Last year, I noticed that [...]

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Celebrating 10 Years of OBOJC Authors: What’s Cooking with Nomi Eve

Author Name:  Nomi Eve OBOJC Book Title:  Henna House Have you published another book since your OBOJC book?  I am working on a new novel, set in Europe during the Holocaust. What book(s) are you reading now that you would like to recommend to our community? I just read The Forgers by Bradford Morrow. I loved it! It is a literary gothic thriller. Not at all Jewish-themed. I read widely and love all different genres. Please share your memories about OBOJC and what the experience meant to you. What can I say? I LOVE OBOJC! Because of OBOJC, I met extraordinary people [...]

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