Author Name:  Nomi Eve
OBOJC Book Title:  Henna House

Have you published another book since your OBOJC book? 

I am working on a new novel, set in Europe during the Holocaust.

What book(s) are you reading now that you would like to recommend to our community?

I just read The Forgers by Bradford Morrow. I loved it! It is a literary gothic thriller. Not at all Jewish-themed. I read widely and love all different genres.

Please share your memories about OBOJC and what the experience meant to you.

What can I say? I LOVE OBOJC! Because of OBOJC, I met extraordinary people all throughout the greater Philadelphia/New Jersey area. On one particular day last fall I had three different OBOJC events in a row. I went from one to the other tickled pink that I had the chance to meet with so many wonderful readers. OBOJC is an extraordinary organization and as you can tell I am a huge fan.

 Please attach a favorite recipe (or the name of a favorite dish) and tell us why it is meaningful to you.

Jachnun! Because every time I visit with my Yemenite Auntie Ahuva in Israel, she makes it for me.