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I like helping people…

by Sarah Cohen Mishkan Shalom Ever since I was a child I always liked helping people out. Especially, kids who are younger then I. So, when I learned about the TAP program I knew that I wanted to be a part of. I found out about this program through another member of my congregation. She had gone through this program and found what she learned from the program to be helpful in a classroom setting. In my classroom, there is a student who has special needs. From working with him I have learned a lot about patience and flexibility. Sometimes [...]

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What I enjoy most about working with children with learning differences/special needs is…

by Naomi Guth Keneseth Israel Just seeing how their minds work. I’ve always thought it was really interesting how different people learn differently, and when it comes to kids with special needs, it’s even more engaging. Sometimes it’s hard figuring out what a specific child needs, but when it clicks, when you figure something out, it feels amazing. I’ve been working with a particular student on the autism spectrum throughout the year, and I’ve found little things that help him learn, such as computer games or videos, really anything that’s interactive in some way. Each time I’ve discovered something different [...]

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I have learned so much from the students that I work with…

by Izzy Cutler Keneseth Israel Through my last couple months being apart of the TAP program I have learned a lot about myself, and the students I have been working with. It has been a privilege to work at Keneseth Israel, the synagogue I have grown up at, and be engaged in a new role where I can work 101 with specific students who need extra help, as opposed to just being a general classroom assistant. I have learned so much from the students that I work with and am incredibly grateful that I have had this opportunity. Something I [...]

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