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Everyone Learns In Different Ways

by Rosie Ackerman Being in TAP has been a pretty incredible experience for me. I was a teacher’s assistant at my synagogue last year, so I already knew about working with kids, but I didn’t know that much about working with students with disabilities. I was very excited to learn - and learn I did!  One of the most important lessons I got from TAP was that everyone learns in different ways – whether it be visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. Because of TAP, I’ve been paying much closer attention to my 4th graders, how they act and how they learn. [...]

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What I’ve Learned From TAP

By Isaac Becker I have High Functioning Autism. When I was a child, I had great difficulty focusing in class, paying attention to the material, and keeping my thoughts in check. I was forced to adapt, carefully sculpting my personality into something that could pass as “normal.” In the process, my mind became nearly unrecognizable from its original form. Learning with TAP, it relieves me to know that people like me can be helped and accommodated for such that we can fit in as we are, and not as society would want us to be. TAP taught me to help [...]

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