By Isaac Becker

I have High Functioning Autism. When I was a child, I had great difficulty focusing in class, paying attention to the material, and keeping my thoughts in check. I was forced to adapt, carefully sculpting my personality into something that could pass as “normal.” In the process, my mind became nearly unrecognizable from its original form. Learning with TAP, it relieves me to know that people like me can be helped and accommodated for such that we can fit in as we are, and not as society would want us to be.
TAP taught me to help make sure this doesn’t have to happen to other neurodiverse children. No child should be forced to change because the system in which they live wants them to, but rather, because it is their time to grow.
Isaac Becker is a teen assistant at Germantown Jewish Centre.

Isaac and the 2019-2020 Tap cohort.