by Blake Beratan,

Tifereth Israel

During the past year, I have been learning how to help kids with special needs through a program called TAP, Teen Assistant Program. I have been going to my synagogue every Sunday to help the kids at the Hebrew school. This has been an enjoying experience because not only am I helping the students with their disabilities, but I’ve become a role model to them. I feel that I have made a lasting impression on each and every one of my students. The fact that feel as if I am making a difference for these kids makes this experience even more enjoyable to me.

Another reason why I’ve enjoyed this experience is because I know the struggles of these children. I have ADHD and Tourette Syndrome, and even though this might not be as bad as some other disorders, I still know what is like to struggle through a disorder. I don’t want other children to go through the struggles that I did. Even though I may still struggle with a few challenges now, I have overcome all the other ones. I know other children can do the same too, as long as they believe in themselves.

Overall, I thought that this year was so much fun, and a special experience. I hope to be back in TAP next year, and continue where I left off.