by Jonah Sokolove, Temple Sholom

I am a song leader at Temple Sholom. I am normally a very distracted person and don’t like to stay in one place at one time. I love to move around, and get my heart pumping. Throughout the course of TAP I have learned a lot about other people and a little about myself as well.

TAP is a supportive group of kids who want to know how to make a better learning environment for the students we are teaching, specifically those students with learning differences and disabilities. We learned that some people learn in different ways. We all have our ways we like to study, or different ways we like to eat, or different ways we learn. And that’s okay!

I want to specifically say thanks to Julia. She is the one who leads our classes. Coming on Zoom Monday evening wasn’t easy, but knowing that she was teaching and she was going to make a great environment and make sure everyone was doing well is the reason why I showed up.

I wanted to thank TAP for helping me learn different things and expanding my skill base. This is a great opportunity. If I had a choice to do it again, I would!