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by Alex Nelson, Temple Sholom in Broomall As a madrich, dealing with misbehaving students is a substantial part of my job. This year, I have been tasked to assist one particular student who has had a difficult time focusing on class. This experience has taught me valuable lessons about the importance of building relationships with students and how it can help in managing difficult behavior. It was a regular day in the second-grade classroom when my student, let's call him John, began acting up. He is easily bored by the criteria, but becomes a hard worker when he's pursuing something [...]

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Behavior as Communication

by Karishma Levy, Temple Sholom in Broomall Today we really dived into the idea of why do kids act the way they do. We talked about how communication plays a huge role in deciphering kids’ actions. If a kid starts acting out, look to see where that behavior is coming from, and what are they trying to say. So if a kid is throwing things, they may be overflowing with energy. Now to talk to the kid: don’t do it as if you are looking down on them, talk to them in their age range. You can still be kind [...]

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The Impact of Art

by Ella Braunstein, Temple Sholom in Broomall I am writing a blog on Wendy Elliott-Vandivier. She has had a big impact on me and others by her creative drawings. Wendy is an artist who illustrates her real life experiences that she has faced throughout her life. She depicts in her drawings how she adapted to her life with her guide dog.

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