Congregational Parent Ambassadors to engage families both within and outside of the four walls of their synagogue.

For the past 3 years, jkidphilly has successfully engaged Parent Ambassadors across the Greater Philadelphia community. Parents of young children themselves, Parent Ambassadors receive a stipend and program budget in order to offer three to four programs each month for families raising young Jewish children.  They identify new families in the community and operate as Jewish role models for their peers.

As part of the current Berger Yachad Network, Congregational Parent Ambassador programs will be eligible to be branded as jkidphilly Partner Programs and be included in jkidphilly’s email marketing to more than 5,000 individuals.

Congregational Parent Ambassadors will:

  • Host one activity a month in or outside of the congregation that is developed for parents/families.
  • Invite families to join them at least one additional congregational program each month
  • Engage with families before, during and after each program through face to face meetings, phone calls, and through social media/email.
  • Provide outreach to families who may not yet be connected to the congregation.

Congregations will:  

  • Create a congregational team to implement the Parent Ambassador program for their community. The team should include the Lead Mentor (see next bullet), the Parent Ambassador, at least one lay leader, and possibly additional professional and/or lay leaders.
  • Appoint a professional from the synagogue to act as a Lead Mentor for the Parent Ambassador.
  • Recruit and hire a Congregational Parent Ambassador
  • Pay a $2,000 stipend and provide a program budget for the Congregational Parent Ambassador
  • Participate in 2 team training sessions
  • Participate in 8 monthly coaching sessions for the Lead Mentor and Parent Ambassador
  • Provide bi-weekly check-ins for the Parent Ambassador with the Lead Mentor
  • Complete the forms, tracking systems, brainstorming models, and evaluation tools that Jewish Learning Venture offers to this cohort of congregations.

Jewish Learning Venture will:

  • Offer training to a team of professionals and lay leaders in the congregation to work with their Parent Ambassador in creating a family engagement model for their community.
  • Work with a lead mentor from the congregation to supervise and coach the Parent Ambassador
  • Create registration forms, tracking systems, brainstorming models, and evaluation tools to help the Parent Ambassador successfully document their work.
  • Provide marketing and branding support for the Parent Ambassador programs.

Interested congregations should contact Lori Rubin at 215-320-0402 or