By Raffi Van Wie, Keneseth Israel

Our TAP session on November Seventh was great, very engaging and interesting. 

To begin the session, we did a jamboard (our names, a picture of ourselves and a quote that fits TAP or Judaism). We also learned about different types of disability languages such as person first and identity first and medical and social model and about the differences between each other. This will really help us when we are working with kids. We did a quick personality test on our attention span and it was very fun. We talked about different types of attention and guessed how long a kindergarten student and other grades can pay attention. This will help us a lot as we know how to deal with the kids better.

Our guest speaker was Julia Weekes, who was here last session. We asked Julia about what to do in certain situations with kids who need a lot of help and need help. Julia gave great and useful advice such as having to deal with kids with ODD, not paying attention and fidgets to help them focus. It was great having her here and it was a great session!