You may have read recently that Nomi Eve, author of Henna House, the One Book, One Jewish Community (OBOJC) feature selection, will hit her target of speaking with 100 book clubs next week!  In our efforts to study together, and to support Nomi’s goal, the staff of Jewish Learning Venture will have the opportunity to learn with her as well when we host a staff book event with her, and a Henna Artist, next week.

While we are now six months beyond the launch of Henna House, our Implementation Team, chaired by Bev Cohen and Kareen Hartwig, hasn’t stopped planning and reading. They re-confirmed the mission of OBOJC, which is to foster Jewish literacy and build community.  Over the months we receive numerous books from publishers and authors, asking for our consideration to select their book.  The team uses a number of criteria for book selection including 1) the book has to have both literary merit and broad appeal and 2) lend itself to varied programming for our partners.  Among them, they have read over 40 books and have narrowed it down to four.

It is our hope that in the summer we will be able to announce the new selection for our 9th year of OBOJC!

If you are interested in getting involved with the Implementation Team, be in touch with Elana Rivel or Bev Cohen.