Who are the Shomrim?

The JLV Shomrim are Jewish Learning Venture’s most generous supporters,
who have committed to sustaining the Agency and its initiatives.
Shomrim – guardians – are the stewards of our community,
who ensure that we are able to provide Jewish education and engagement
across the Greater Philadelphia community.

Current Shomrim

as of 11/15/22


Judge Harold Berger*
Jonathan Broder and Joy Bernstein*
Levine & Sons / Jonathon and Rachel Levine*
Mary and Nathan Relles*
Janet and Steve Schwartz*


Daniel and Sheila Segal*


Marcy and Dan Bacine*
Dr. Andrew and Valerie Kind-Rubin*


Jeffrey and Shana Goldstein

*one of our inaugural Shomrim

Benefits for all JLV Shomrim

  • No further annual solicitations
    We recognize the generous support of our JLV Shomrim and in that spirit will not ask for additional donations to our annual campaigns.
  • Sponsorship recognition
    Recognition of your Shomrim level will be listed on the JLV website and on materials for any other of our organization’s fundraising campaigns.
  • Exclusive opportunities
    Tickets to all JLV events, including all special events, such as our annual Celebration.

JLV Shomrim Levels

  1. Visionary ($10,000+)
    Includes all Shomrim Champion member benefits, plus your name on 5,200+ PJ Library mailings for one month.
  2. Champion ($6,000+)
    Includes all Shomrim Advocate member benefits, plus a private event with our annual Celebration keynote speaker.
  3. Advocate ($3,000+)
    Includes all Shomrim Partner member benefits, plus a private Shomrim Havdalah experience.
  4. Partner ($1,800+)
    Includes benefits for all JLV Shomrim as listed above and a full-page ad in our virtual Celebration journal.

Donors are eligible for Shomrim benefits for gifts/pledges made by 12/31/2022.

Interested in becoming a member of the JLV Shomrim?

Contact Rhona so that we can draft a customized pledge plan for you or make your commitment online.