Who are the Shomrim?

The JLV Shomrim are the stewards of our Jewish Learning Venture community,
who lead the effort to ensure that we are able to provide Jewish education and engagement
across the Greater Philadelphia community. They are our most committed supporters,
who have invested in a generous donations that will support
all of our fundraising initiatives during our 2023 fiscal year.

Thank you to our 2022–2023 Shomrim!

2022–2023 Shomrim


Judge Harold Berger z”l *
Jonathan Broder and Joy Bernstein *
Levine & Sons / Jonathon and Rachel Levine *
Mary and Nathan Relles *
Janet and Steve Schwartz *
Rabbis Margot Stein and Myriam Klotz *


Judy Beck and Richard Busis *
Lowell Dubrow
Lowell Dubrow / Mary and Emanuel Rosenfeld Foundation
Kareen and Robert Hartwig *
Elaine Lindy
Julie Meyers and David Piver *
Nina Robinson Vitow
Daniel and Sheila Segal *
Sidewater Family Foundation
Gayle and David Smith *
Elana Weinstein and Ken Brownstein
Sherrie Willner *


Marcy and Dan Bacine *
Jaime and Barak Bassman *
Amy Falk and Mitch Russell *
Dr. Andrew and Valerie Kind-Rubin *
Linda Schwartz Satlow and family *


Myron and Sheila Bassman *
Michael and Paula Dvorak
Walter B. Ferst *
Jeffrey and Shana Goldstein
Marilyn Kutler
Michele and Robert Levin *
Deborah Rivel and David Levenfeld
Susan and Michael Paul *

*one of our inaugural Shomrim

Benefits for all JLV Shomrim

We recognize the generous support of our JLV Shomrim and, in that spirit, will not ask for additional donations to our 2023–2024 annual campaign.

Sponsorship recognition

Recognition of your annual Shomrim level will be listed on the JLV website and on materials for any other of our organization’s fundraising campaigns. You will also receive a full-page ad in our virtual Celebration journal.

Exclusive opportunities

You will be invited to attend a private Shomrim Havdalah experience and will receive tickets to all JLV events, including all special events, such as our annual Celebration.

JLV Shomrim Levels

Visionary ($10,000+)*

Champion ($7,200+)

Innovator ($5,400+)

Advocate ($3,600+)

Partner ($1,800+)

*Bonus benefit for all Shomrim Visionary donors:

Your name on our 5,200+ PJ Library mailings for one month.

Donors are eligible for Shomrim benefits for gifts/pledges made by 12/31/2023.

Interested in becoming a member of the JLV Shomrim?

Contact Rhona so that we can draft a customized pledge plan for you or make your commitment online.