by Rachel Soloff, BZBI
I am proud to be a TAP teen for so many reasons. First off, I have a chance to work with children with special needs. I have wanted to be a pediatric occupational therapist since I was 10 years old. I have helped kids with special needs before but TAP gave me the skills to do it this year and the rest of my life.
Secondly, I got to meet amazing people in my TAP group and have made so many new friends because of the program. The other Teen Assistants and I have shared some great experiences together and I hope to stay in contact with them after the program.
Thirdly, I have met amazing kids in the first grade classroom where I am the assistant. These kids were the funniest, and cutest kids I have ever met. They inspire me everyday. The boy who I shadow with the program is one the greatest kids too. He is very smart and funny and a good kid to hang out with every Hebrew class.
Lastly, I am proud to be a TAP teen because I feel that in a small way I’m changing the world. I help so many people in my program and it feels good to do this mitzvah. I feel changed since I have gone through this program and I AM PROUD TO BE A TAP TEEN!