by Isaac Levy, Germantown Jewish Centre

I am a current high school senior and I have been working with students with disabilities for 3 years, shadowing students and providing specialized assistance. I did TAP for the first time this summer, and I have already noticed how it has improved my teaching ability, communication skills, and understanding of different disabilities.

Being a TAP Teen makes me proud because I know that it enables me to better educate and assist the students that I am working with. While education is not my main passion, equal access to education and educational opportunities is something I believe strongly in. Getting training, exposure, support, encouragement, and education has been vital in allowing me to provide a proper quality Jewish education to the students at my synagogue.

I enjoy being a TAP Teen first and foremost because of the experiences I have gained and the experiences that I am able to create for students with disabilities. TAP has served to increase my rewards and decrease the difficulty of my position, and while it is not always easy, it is always rewarding.