By Lori Rubin, Director, Family Engagement

How does technology affect your family? Do you find yourself checking e-mail during dinner? Are you on the phone when you pick up your kids at school?

These questions were part of our conversation this week at our Family Engagement team meeting. We were joined by Dr. Jeffrey Schein, Professor at Siegel College, who has done some incredible work in Cleveland and beyond around the ideas of how technology has affected us as families, and as Jews. Our team looked at some terrific ways to engage families using reflective strategies to process the best use of technology in their personal lives. Additionally, we learned new ways to help families use technology for Jewish learning, as a tool to connect to each other and to “unplug.”

Our team is excited to be able to offer workshops in the local community to help you, and families like yours, learn more about social media and its implications, how to engage children through technology, and how to be conscious of the impact technology has on your family. For a taste of how one mom changed her family’s relationship to Shabbat through unplugging, click here.

For more information on Dr. Schein’s Text Me program, click here.

If you are interested in attending a workshop on this subject, please contact me. We look forward to starting this important conversation with you!