by Eliyah Eisenman, Keneseth Israel

On January 9th from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm on zoom, we had a meeting with comedian Pam Schuller who taught us that failure isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Pam is a successful stand up comedian who also works with teens to educate others and help destigmatize mental illness through Project Hear Now. On the Hear Now website, they have many articles and a range of topics like representation of LGBTQ+, consent, mental health, being tired, bullying, family issues, the influence of technology, etc. In our meeting, she specifically tried to share the message that failure is actually a good thing to experience. It teaches you to be better in the future. We engaged with the positivity of failure through making and finding failure related memes and quotes. We gathered them together as a group in breakout rooms. Earlier in the meeting, we learned about Pam’s personal life and endeavors. We talked to her about coping with failure and how to think of it as less of a negative thing.