By Jason Sewell,

TAP teen, Kesher Israel

As the year begins to come to a close, I am left with so many thoughts and emotions about the work I have completed with various children at Kesher Israel Religious School.  Ultimately, this experience was an unbelievable one that has taught me just about as much as I have helped teach the children.  I have made connections with three specific students in grades two and five.  All three of these children have had various temperaments and attitudes about Hebrew School.  I was able to adapt to all of these nuances for each child to help them succeed in their Jewish careers.  Suddenly, Sundays were not only just about football or recreational sports, but about the material being taught in religious school.  All of my students have learned the Hebrew alphabet, certain words in Hebrew, and all about our Jewish culture.  While it was my job to help these children learn in a “typical” classroom environment, I felt as if my job turned in to so much more.  My job was also to show these children the joys of learning and the individuality of each student.  I wanted to make each student feel like their own person who could do anything they set their mind to.  Being able to make these connections and show these students what learning truly is, I really learned a lot about students with learning disabilities.  I learned that these students are more than capable contributors in the classroom and society and that all students should have the chance to excel among their peers.  My experience with the TAP program has allowed me to see the true possibilities that education can bring to a child and even a teacher.