By: Emma Birger-Bray

I enjoy that everybody is different, but they are also all the same as everybody else. The reason behind it is that people with learning differences are the same but they just learn differently than others. For example, people who have dyslexia have difficulty with reading or doing math on paper or computer, but if they do math in their head without using paper or computer, they can often do the math like many others.

I also enjoy that some of the differences that children with learning differences have, I also have. This is helpful because I can share some of the strategies I use, which will hopefully work for different learning styles. You see I also have learning differences, and because of it I think I’m able to understand them a bit better than others who don’t have learning differences. It makes me feel more connected and I look forward each time I get to work with children with learning differences.

Emma Birger-Bray is a teen assistant at Tiferet Bet Israel.