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“Seeing them advance in their learning is a great feeling…”

by Elianna Israel Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El Working with a child with learning disabilities has many challenging moments and many enjoyable moments. One of the enjoyable things about being a member is TAP is knowing that you are part of a group that is helping these children receive the Jewish education that they and every child deserve. Another thing that is enjoyable to me is that I know that I am able to give these children the extra boost that they need to be able to learn. When they need help calming down I can always rely on what I [...]

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WCI Panel: Bar/Bat Mitzvah For Children Of All Abilities

By Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer, Director, Whole Community Inclusion / Three moms, from three different Jewish denominations, with five total children who have special needs, gathered together to share their wisdom and experience last Sunday for a Whole Community Inclusion seminar for parents, held in partnership with the Friendship Circle, focusing on Bar/Bat Mitzvah for Children of all Abilities.