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The Fun Behind Learning

by Natalie Lieberman, Jewish Children's Folkshul Even though our December meeting was cut short, we still got to the main point and reached the idea that when kids are rowdy or unhappy, there are different educational means to keep them engaged and learning. In this session, we tested out different possibilities to keep kids interested while still learning Hebrew/an aspect of Judaism. By understanding that students are more likely to remember a lesson when they enjoyed learning it, we focused on creating educational activities that leave a positive mark behind. In order to keep students engrossed in the lesson, we [...]

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Activities that Get Children Engaged

by Sheyenne Abraham, Adath Israel There are many different ways that people can learn.  Some learn best through lectures and others learn best when actually doing examples of what is being taught.  On December 4, we met in person to learn about different ways we can get children engaged in learning, and having fun while doing so.  We first started out with an activity where we rolled a die and read the word in the Hanukkah blessings that corresponded with the number that was facing up on the die.  After this, we went to different stations to learn about the [...]

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Language, Attention, and More!

By Raffi Van Wie, Keneseth Israel Our TAP session on November Seventh was great, very engaging and interesting.  To begin the session, we did a jamboard (our names, a picture of ourselves and a quote that fits TAP or Judaism). We also learned about different types of disability languages such as person first and identity first and medical and social model and about the differences between each other. This will really help us when we are working with kids. We did a quick personality test on our attention span and it was very fun. We talked about different types of [...]

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