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More Than 4 – Episode 3: Is Yiddish Different Than Hebrew?

Elana and Robin invite their friend and colleague, Julia Weekes, a self-proclaimed yiddishe kop, to help them figure out all the ways that Yiddish is different than Hebrew. (Hint: it's more than 4!) Stay tuned to hear Julia's favorite Yiddish words and see how many of them you already knew! --------------------------------------- Show Notes: JuliaWeekes JLV bio Website Vocabulary Here are some words mentioned during this episode and their definitions: aleph bet: Hebrew alphabet alter kaker: Elderly person, old-timer Ashkenazi: Jews who are descended from Jews who lived in Central or Eastern Europe balabusta: good homemaker balagula: person of low standing [...]

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Helping in the Classroom

by Brenna Fox, Beth Tikvah B'nai Jeshurun At BTBJ I am in a classroom with 5 students that are in third grade.  One of the boys in the classroom has a hard time sitting still and concentrating. While I do not think he has any type of disability, there are a few things that help get him back on track in the class. When this student had a hard time sitting in his/her seat, I would take them for a walk up and down the hallway. If a student had a lot of energy, I would walk out of the [...]

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Learning Through Cartoons

by Aria Levy, Keneseth Israel On Sunday, we met artist Wendy Elliott-Vandivier. She creates cartoons based on her everyday life, including constant stereotypes, interactions with people, and offensive comments. Some of her comics include inappropriate terminology and getting special treatment to even worse treatment than others. We learned so much from the stories of these interactions with people, what is ok to be asked and what you shouldn’t be doing. She taught us that people with disabilities should be able to live without being put on a pedestal or made to feel like they’re different from everyone else. There are [...]

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