by Brenna Fox, Beth Tikvah B’nai Jeshurun

At BTBJ I am in a classroom with 5 students that are in third grade.  One of the boys in the classroom has a hard time sitting still and concentrating. While I do not think he has any type of disability, there are a few things that help get him back on track in the class. When this student had a hard time sitting in his/her seat, I would take them for a walk up and down the hallway. If a student had a lot of energy, I would walk out of the classroom with them and do some jumping jacks and some stretches.  

Another child who is on the spectrum is also in this class.  She has an aid that helps her most of the time, however when she is not with the aid, sometimes I have to help her focus too.  This past weekend, I took her out of the classroom because her behavior was distracting the other students.  We talked together and walked around the building which helped her calm down and then she was able to join class again.

I enjoy spending time with these children and helping them get back on track so they can continue to learn and grow.