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The Kids Staring At The Ceiling

by Sutton Gold, Temple Sholom As a songleader at Temple Sholom, we never actually get any time to work with kids individually. We are always in the sanctuary with a big group of kids, so finding ways to connect with them on a personal level can be tough. We are taught to be as engaging as possible with our songleading, whether that means bringing volunteers up for hand motions or having the kids have a loudness contest. No matter how engaging we are, there are always the one or two kids in the back who are staring off into [...]

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Gaining Confidence

by Leonie Globig, Temple Sholom When I first started in the TAP program, the word to best describe my feelings was nervous. I had never done anything like this before, and I was concerned that I would walk into a meeting, knowing absolutely nothing, and be made to twiddle my thumbs while everyone around me would ooze confidence and knowledge. Fortunately, when I came to my first TAP meeting, I found this nightmare scenario I had conjured up in my head to be the furthest thing from the truth. Walking into that first session felt like letting go of [...]

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Music and Learning

by Jonah Sokolove, Temple Sholom I am a song leader at Temple Sholom. I am normally a very distracted person and don’t like to stay in one place at one time. I love to move around, and get my heart pumping. Throughout the course of TAP I have learned a lot about other people and a little about myself as well. TAP is a supportive group of kids who want to know how to make a better learning environment for the students we are teaching, specifically those students with learning differences and disabilities. We learned that some people learn [...]

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