Berger Yachad Network:
Congregational Family Engagement

Established in 2008 by Harold Berger, Berger Yachad Network congregations learn about, develop, and implement systemic approaches to engaging families with young Jewish children.

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Berger Yachad Network Congregations 2019-2020

* Congregational Parent Ambassadors

2019-2020 Webinars

  1. So What, Now What?
  2. Successes and Challenges
  3. Welcoming and Greeting

1: Network Member congregations proudly brand themselves as Berger Yachad Network members and are listed on the Jewish Learning Venture and jkidphilly websites. Only Yachad congregations are eligible to put this label on their websites, emails, and any other publicity. Additionally, Network Member congregations are welcome to attend all  learning opportunities offered through the network.

2: Implementer congregations use the expertise and training from the Berger Yachad Network to offer engaging programs to families raising young children. Berger Yachad congregations that complete all of the offered training and use the jkidphilly registration system may also promote their programs as jkidphilly Partner Programs, which are included on the jkidphilly website and in jkidphilly weekly emails that go out to more than 5,000 people each week.

3: Ambassador congregations take family engagement to a whole new level by hiring a Congregational Parent Ambassador – a parent from the congregation who receives support and training from Jewish Learning Venture to engage families in the community in programming and other opportunities, sponsored by your synagogue. Go to the Congregational Parent Ambassador page for more information on this exciting initiative. All interested congregations should be in touch with Ellen Glassman


  • June 5: Registration Open
  • July 12-August 12: Berger Yachad Network Consultations (click here to let us know your interest)
  • August 30: Registration Deadline
  • October 3, 12pm: Berger Yachad Network webinar*
  • October 16, 12pm: Berger Yachad Network webinar*
  • November 12, 12pm: Berger Yachad Network webinar*
  • November – April/May
    Implementers: offer jkidphilly Partner Programs and have optional consultations with JLV staff
    Ambassadors: Congregational Parent Ambassadors meet with JLV staff twice a month, Network Team meets with JLV once a month, plus 2 programs a month and ongoing engagement in between.
  • Apr 20-May 15: Reflection Interviews*
    Have program description, final attendance information, photos and any other relevant material compiled by the interview.
  • May 20: Program Bank 2019-2020 available online

*Learning Opportunities are optional for Network Members and required for Implementers and Ambassadors. Webinars will be recorded.

Click here for a PDF about the benefits of the Berger Yachad Network to share with your community.

Interested congregations should contact Ellen Glassman.

We are really excited about the growth in our ECE families as part of our participation in the Berger Network. They came because they saw an ad for our Torah Tots program. Some  of them  joined the synagogue and two are new board members!