By Danya Shapiro, jkidphilly Program Specialist

This past Sunday, March 29th, I had the privilege of joining a number of jkidphilly families at the Mitzvah Circle Foundation warehouse. Fran Held, the founder and Executive Director of the Mitzvah Circle Foundation, gathered all the kids together to discuss what the Mitzvah Circle does, and how it relates to their lives. We started with a few very relatable interactive questions for the kids:

1. If you are wearing shoes, stand up.
2. If you have a backpack for school, sit down.

Fran asked questions that got the kids thinking about what they have, and how they would feel if they didn’t have these items. She then explained that the Mitzvah Circle is here to help those families that need it. It was a great springboard for our jkidphilly families to have important follow-up discussions together.

As I sat there, I started thinking about how meaningful it was that we were at the Mitzvah Circle just before Passover, the holiday of Freedom. When it comes to Passover, we often think of freedom in terms of not being slaves, and for the most part we are free. However, I started thinking that although many people today are not slaves, they are also not free because they don’t have the freedom to buy shoes, diapers, jackets, and school supplies for them and their children– all items that the Mitzvah Circle helps provide. We spent the afternoon making snack bags for families that need it, and also sorting books and shoes. We helped make a difference, and you can too!  Join us on April 12th as we offer another Big Hands Make A Big Difference program at the Jewish Relief Agency.

If you are interested in additional social action experiences for your jkidphilly family, please contact Lori Rubin.

As you sit with your family this Passover, we invite you to discuss what freedom means to your family and to remember that you can make a difference in the lives of others.  Happy Passover!

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