by Emma Wicentowski, Ohev Shalom

There are many great people in this world that are able to go the extra mile to make people with disabilities feel like they have a vital role in this world.

From my own experience, a family friend who is disabled, was able to engage in a program at my sleep away camp that was made to accommodate the needs of these campers to make their summer the best it could be. For background knowledge, I attend Camp Ramah in the Poconos, and the special program is called Yedidim. The family friend has graduated from being a camper, and as part of this program, she was able to work at camp and have her own living quarters. After camp, there was a noticeable increase in independence. They owe all their thanks to the camp for treating their daughter like their own, allowing the best side of her to come out and shine.

This relates to me being a TAP teen because I am learning different ways to help those that may require extra attention and care. The story I just wrote about shows how people can use the skills that I learned during this program in the real world and change people’s lives for the better.