by Yoya Eisenbach, Beth Am Israel

Throughout my 15 years of being in the world, I have never been known much for my writing. I have never had a connection to the humanities, and haven’t had the experience of sitting down and reading a book for hours. Although this is the case, I write this entry with great excitement, because it allowed me to talk about and share one of my favorite hobbies, Computer-Aided Design (CAD). CAD allows any person to create anything they put their mind to, whether it be an extremely detailed representation of a fantasy character, or modifications for everyday items, which happens to be what this entrance is about.

CAD and 3D printing allows you to design and create a solution to any problem you are facing. Having trouble holding or using chopsticks? You can design a grip for the chopsticks that would allow you to use them comfortably. You can’t hold your pencil properly, you can create a grip to help you with the problem. With the knowledge of how to use CAD, you can create solutions for nearly every problem you face in your everyday life.


A computer designed image of a grogger with a flared base.A computer-designed image of a dreidel with a textured handle for easier grip and raised letters that have braille underneath.

Left: A dreidel I designed, meant to be able to be gripped more easily, and has braille letters.


Right: A grogger I designed meant to not slip from someone’s hand while using.