My name is Carly Waldman, I am sixteen years old, and I attend Cheltenham High School as a sophomore. I belong to Temple Beth Am  in Abington. I am involved with the TAP program, which stands for Teen Assistant Program. I am very proud I am apart of this group and to be known as a TAP teen. I am proud to be a TAP teen because I get to help kids with disabilities. I enjoy working with kids either one on one or in a group. Every Sunday morning I volunteer at my Hebrew school and work with a second grade class. There are three kids in my class who have minor learning disabilities whom I work with. I try my best to accommodate their learning needs. I never get down about waking up at eight on a weekend to work with these guys. I always looking forward to seeing and helping them. Being apart of the TAP program gave me the experience of working hands on with disabled children while the adults around me admire my effort and hard work which is something I am proud of.

I am proud to be a TAP teen because of the title that I get. When ever I tell people about the program and what I am apart of they always say what a great thing I am doing and that I should be proud of myself. When people tell me that it makes me very proud to know that people look up to me and see the good that I am doing. One day a parent who has a disabled child heard about how I was part of the TAP program and thanked me; it made me feel good. Another reason I am proud to be a TAP teen is because I am making a change. The change I am making is the children that I am working with. Because of all my training I am able to help the children the ways that they need to be helped. Once the kids that I work with understand something that I have taught them it makes me feel like I am impacting their lives and that’s what makes me proud. These are the reasons why I am proud to be a TAP teen.