Innovations 2014

1. An image of the word “innovation” across the middle. Underneath are orange and white letters saying: “We reached. We impacted. We hosted. We connected. We trained. We delivered. We convened. We taught. We strengthened. We generated. We launched.” Above the word “innovation” is a quote written by the Board President, Jonathan M. Broder saying: “Jewish Learning Venture is a local and national leader and trendsetter, and constant pursuit of excellence is its hallmark”

At Jewish Learning Venture, we recognize that building Jewish communal life with and among individuals, families, and institutions requires a healthy respect for tradition and an insistence on change. We know that Jewish communal needs always shift and the community itself will become even more fluid, so we respond by delivering programs and resources that are rooted in Jewish texts and values, and reflect 21st century realities.


2. An image with the word “innovation” written across the side. The image is a cartoon orange hot air balloon with an orange background and the air balloon is being powered by two people riding a bike, one looking forward and the other looking behind them.
3. An image with the word “innovations” written across the center in blue letters and the “I” in innovations is an arrow. There are three orange columns on the side which say: building relationships, thought leadership, empowerment.