LeV is a two-year project that will transform Jewish education for elementary school age children and their families.

Lev means “heart” in Hebrew.  Jewish Learning Venture believes that learning is at the heart of Jewish community. Our staff has studied our local demographics, talked with communal and national thought leaders, and reviewed literature in Jewish and general education. By so doing, we identified prime examples of innovation in Jewish learning and best practices for affecting related change. It is time to change and to revitalize the narrative of part-time Jewish education in congregations and provide experiences in which whole families can learn, grow and engage Jewishly.

LeV continues and builds upon the foundation of the groundbreaking work of Jewish Learning Venture’s two predecessor agencies:

  • NESS: Nurturing Excellence in Synagogue Schools, an initiative for systemic change and alignment in part-time Jewish education developed by the Auerbach Central Agency for Jewish Education, and
  • Reshet: Network for Synagogue Strength a community-based framework for congregational change and innovation developed by Jewish Outreach Partnership.

Cohort II: 2014-2016

Cohort I: 2012-2014

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LeV: Getting to the Heart of Jewish Education

Rabbi Phil Warmflash

rabbiphil@jewishlearningventure.org / 215.320.0390