by Aiden Yanoff, Adath Israel

Hearing Dr. Sanford Greenberg’s incredible story was an enlightening experience. His story starts off with him talking about his humble beginnings in a small house in Buffalo, New York. He then talks about how there were many ironies throughout his life when it came to his blindness. He talks about how both his aunt and his brother needed to get prosthetic eyes after some kind of accident. Hearing the part about how he described in great detail the experience of being at the doctor’s office and being told that he wouldn’t be able to see anymore was a very sad story to hear. However, his story becomes very uplifting. He talks about how he went back to college at Columbia University and about, his special relationship with his roommate, Art Garfunkel, and how he has created a research center devoted strictly to helping cure blindness.

I learned from this experience even more that just because someone has a disability does not mean they are incapable of accomplishing amazing things. Dr. Greenberg is someone who is a good role model, not just for people with blindness or other disabilities but also for able-bodied people as well. Hearing about his incredible academic success all while dealing with something that should have made what he did nearly impossible was very inspiring. One thing I know for sure is that I will remember his story and the message of hard work and determination that Dr. Greenberg stands for and symbolizes.