By Lori Rubin, Director, Family Engagement

Do you find yourself trying to squeeze “Being Jewish” into your overscheduled lives? Would you like to find a few moments of peace with your family on a weekly basis? The parents at Beth David Reform Congregation in Gladwyne had the opportunity to discuss how to fit some sacred time into their busy schedules this past Shabbat. As part of a Shabbat School Experience, parents sat down with me to talk about their own Shabbat histories and their wishes for their families. We thought about all the different ways we can experience Shabbat moments in our lives – sometimes not even on Shabbat! Each participant created their own bead with a hidden wish. These beads can serve as tangible reminders of what each family member would like to find the time to do which will enhance their Shabbat experience for their family. For more information about bringing this workshop to your community, contact Lori Rubin.

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