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Everyday Items: Modified

by Yoya Eisenbach, Beth Am Israel Throughout my 15 years of being in the world, I have never been known much for my writing. I have never had a connection to the humanities, and haven’t had the experience of sitting down and reading a book for hours. Although this is the case, I write this entry with great excitement, because it allowed me to talk about and share one of my favorite hobbies, Computer-Aided Design (CAD). CAD allows any person to create anything they put their mind to, whether it be an extremely detailed representation of a fantasy character, or [...]

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Bringing Out the Best in Others

by Emma Wicentowski, Ohev Shalom There are many great people in this world that are able to go the extra mile to make people with disabilities feel like they have a vital role in this world. From my own experience, a family friend who is disabled, was able to engage in a program at my sleep away camp that was made to accommodate the needs of these campers to make their summer the best it could be. For background knowledge, I attend Camp Ramah in the Poconos, and the special program is called Yedidim. The family friend has graduated from [...]

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What I Learned in TAP

by Charlie Bittinger, Beth Am Israel I participated in TAP, which is a program where we learn about teaching kids with disabilities. We met once a month and learned through experience. For example sometimes we had a guest speaker and learned from their experience. Listening to these speakers helped me become a better Madrich at Hebrew school because I learned the ins and outs of how to help kids with special needs. It also taught me how to help everyone have a fun learning experience in Hebrew school.

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