by Karishma Levy, Temple Sholom in Broomall

Today we really dived into the idea of why do kids act the way they do. We talked about how communication plays a huge role in deciphering kids’ actions. If a kid starts acting out, look to see where that behavior is coming from, and what are they trying to say. So if a kid is throwing things, they may be overflowing with energy. Now to talk to the kid: don’t do it as if you are looking down on them, talk to them in their age range. You can still be kind without talking down to a kid.

Boredom is a very real thing when it comes to teaching. All people experience it, including ourselves then and now. So recognizing it and figuring out how to engage that kid is key. Whether it’s through being silly or more serious, communication with them is very important. Also figuring out where that boredom is coming from, if it’s from their trouble with engagement or others around them. All is fixable by the teacher or a Madrachim.